Dr. Franca Baroni is a leading edge philosopher, writer and speaker committed to a world moved by heart wisdom. Born in the Italian part of Switzerland, Dr. Baroni holds a J.D. equivalent and a doctorate in public international law from the University of Basle, and a Masters in Comparative Law from the University of Miami School of Law. She is a member of the New York and Swiss Bars, as well as a certified mediator.

Recognizing the endemic inadequacies of our current systems of governance and law, Dr. Baroni decided early in her career to take an unconventional path. Her quest has been for the root causes of the egregious violations of human rights at all levels of society and for a new collective awareness and practice of peace.

Her journey has led her in many directions: she worked as an immigration attorney, as an intuitive and meditation guide, as a journalist and even as an actress.

The focus of her inquiry has been to bring forth a new blueprint of governance and law for collectives around the world from the local to the international level. Her first book ON GOVERNANCE is the quintessence of this inquiry: a philosophical, original essay that integrates heart wisdom as the essential element of governance and law. It offers a view from within a radically new system that brings forth a life-affirming world now.

Dr. Baroni is fluent in English, Italian and German, conversational in Spanish and knowledgeable in French. She lives in Seattle, Washington.